The warp pipe is the primary means of warp-related travel in the Super Mario Brothers series of video games. Mario (and Luigi, et al) can enter a vertical pipe and be whisked away to another location in the blink of an eye (and load time). Entering a warp pipe triggers a distinctive sound effect that cannot be described accurately with mere words. Warp pipes first appeared in the original Super Mario Brothers for the Nintendo Entertainment System where one or two pipes in each level would lead to an underground room full of coins. In Super Mario Brothers 3 Mario could go up a warp pipe for the first time in addition to going down, plus the pipes no longer were optional; their use became required in order to progress through levels. The awesome power of the Super NES not only brought us pipes of differing colors, but also allowed the pipes to lay at angles, turning them into a makeshfit cannon that would fire Mario to new areas in Super Mario World. The warp pipes have not changed much from this iteration, and most all Mario games make use of them in some fashion. It should also be noted that the use of pipes fits in with Mario and Luigi's profession: plumbing.

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