There I was, alone but feeling so complete, wandering through this dimly lit music store in the city. It was mid-day but with the lighting and music it felt more like the most peaceful evening I've never experienced.

If I could have had the opportunity, at that time, to be anywhere else in the world.. I wouldn't have taken it because there, it was exactly where I wanted to be. I think that's one of the very few times in my life that I've thought that way, whole-heartedly loving my surroundings and wishing to be absolutely no where else in the universe.

I think probably the best part of the entire experience was that the music they were playing, which happened to be Chantal Kreviazuk (thought I didn't know at the time), was so enrapturing it was so achingly beautiful. I actually purchased Colour Moving and Still, her newest album, after I listened to it in its entirety while I wandered aimlessly.

She has a song titled "Blue", "you've never seen the colour blue..." and when I heard that, I believed it, because it became more than a color and I heard it in her voice, the way she sings. It's intoxicating, so alluring and it draws you in until you never ever want to leave again. One day I might twist my reality so that I could have stayed there, for as long as I wanted... for days even. Incidentally, there's an extra CD along with her album with some covers on it. I can listen to it now and feel almost what I felt that day, but never quite the same, never so infinitely content, at peace.

"It feels like home to me."

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