A velomobile is a rather like a power assisted bicycle, or a motor bike that can be pedaled to save power. It does not necessarily have only two wheels. Velomobile is a work chiefly used by engineers for designs on the drawing board so far, so the limits of the category are not yet precisely defined. There is more interest in these vehicles in Europe than the United States, partly because gasoline prices are much higher in Europe.

To learn more about the only type of velomobile actually on sale, follow this link to the Twike.

Velomobiles were discussed in the June 2001 issue of Discover magazine. Searching for information on them via search engine will yield a mixed bag. Velomobile is a cool sounding word which has also been used as the name for other products less innovative than this - such a a hanging metal mobile in the shape of a bicycle. Much better results can be obtained by searching under Twike.

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