In the state of Georgia, using or selling a dildo for its generally intended purpose is a crime. However, you can still sell a dildo as long as you aren't selling it for that purpose, i.e., for "novelty" use only.

What uses do dildos have outside of sexual gratification?

  • hood ornament
  • bomb casing
  • pointer used for presentations
  • weapon
  • cigar case (were it hollowed)
  • ruler (you'd have to put your own markings on it)
  • sculpture mold
  • popsicle mold
  • flute (you'd have to drill your own holes in it)
  • doorstop (you'd have to put a weight in it though)

Feel free to add your own below...

I can assure all of you that the best way to extract information from an informant, while leaving as few marks as possible, is to judiciuosly beat the bastard about the shoulders and midsection with a 14 inch double headed black dildo. Men will cry like infants when struck with a rubber phallus, especially if you allude to its previous owner's foulness. Even if they aren't especially wounded by the proceedings, your ingenious use of a novelty item will leave psychological scars that will last for years, and make them think twice before trying to cross you in the future.

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