Most often, cucumbers are pickled in either salt or vinegar. This is just one way of pickling cucumbers in salt:
Note: sugar, black pepper, cumin and vinegar quantities are for a jar of about 18 small cucumbers.
Method of preparation
Shove the cucumbers in the jar as tightly as you can, all the time putting lots of garlic, dill and chilli peppers around the cucumbers. You can't have too much garlic or dill. Possibly you can have too many peppers, if you're not too hot on spicy food (a little pun there). Add the sugar, vinegar, cumin and black pepper.

You can actually add what you want to the cucumbers. Many things will influence the taste one way or the other. Many roots such as celery can add bitterness while lemon peel, for example, can add sourness. Your call.

The important part: for every cup of water, add a teaspoon of salt. Not too heaped and not too flat. Add warm water and salt until the jar is full. Make sure the salt has dissolved. (I personally add cup by cup. Making sure all the salt is dissolved per cup is easier). Close the lid. Shake around a bit. Leave in the sun for 3-15 days, depending on if you live in the Sahara or Norway. The pickles should be hard enough not to be squishy and soft enough not to be dildos.

Put the jar in the refrigerator. Do not eat for 1-2 days (again, the Norway / Sahara thing.) They are MUCH better after having been left in the fridge for a while.

Bon appetit.

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