The Urban Kayaka begins its life as an egg which has been planted by an adult female into a tree. The egg feeds off of the sap within the tree to create an excretion which it uses to form its exoskeleton. This process takes about two weeks, and when complete, the Urban Kayaka burrows free of the tree trunk and goes in search of a major urban centre.

Over millions of years, the shape of the Urban Kayaka has evolved so that it can travel with little effort over flat surfaces by using the wind to push its body. The main part of the body is a thin disc with a long tube through its centre, and has been said by some to resemble a plastic drink lid and straw. The tube of the Urban Kayaka is used to steady itself, and for steering while in motion. This is how the Urban Kayaka acquired its name, since the movement of its steering tube appendage resembles the motion of kayak paddles.

Sadly, due to the ignorance of humans, these unusual creatures are mistaken as litter, and are often thrown in the trash.

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