Twizzlers are a type of candy manufactured by the Hershey Foods Corporation.

Twizzlers are similar to twisted strands of licorice candy, but come in a variety of flavors. The most popular flavors of Twizzlers are:

  1. Strawberry
  2. Cherry
  3. "Black" (licorice)
  4. Chocolate

Less popular flavors include red raspberry tropical, watermelon cherry, and watermelon and wild berry.

Twizzlers are made out of corn syrup, flour, sugar, cornstarch, shortening, molasses, and the ubiquitous "flavorings." The ingredients are cooked, then extruded into ropes, strings, nibs, and bites.

Compared to other types of candies, Twizzlers do not have a strong flavor. They are also quite chewy.

Eating a Twizzler is like consuming a scented candle, but that hardly conveys the strange pleasure of the Twizzlers' smell and the satisfaction of masticating each strand into submission. A package of Twizzlers is more of a small hobby than a dining experience. Their durability and lack of surprise make them perfect for consumption during movies. They are a sort of gustatory pastime—the snack food equivalent of working on one's knitting.

At least two spinoff candies have been made using the Twizzlers brand name: Twizzlers Pull-n-Peel and Twizzlers Twist-n-Fill.

Twizzlers Pull-n-Peel was introduced in 1994. Flavors include "berry," cherry, grape, lemonade, orange, and strawberry-banana. The Pull-n-Peel features sticky candy strands two millimeters in diameter wrapped around one another into a rope. One peels these strands from the rope and consumes them individually. The Pull-n-Peel formula is too sweet and gummy to seriously consider gnawing into the rope wholesale without pulling it apart first, with a texture more like a Gummi bear than the traditional leathery, waxlike recipe.

The Twizzlers Twist-n-Fill candy was introduced in 2000. Twizzlers Twist-n-Fill have the Twizzlers' inner void filled with a fruity goo. Twist-n-Fill television commercials feature writhing, snakelike Twizzlers enthusiastically gorging themselves on various fruits.

Unsubstantiated rumor has enshrined forever the conjecture that Brad Pitt loves strawberry Twizzlers.

Over one million miles (1.6 million kilometers) of Twizzlers are manufactured (and presumably consumed) each year.

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