What time is it?
Twenty minutes to exfil. What a clusterfuck.

Squeeze the trigger, don't jerk. TAT TAT TAT TAT TAT


He's behind that boulder. Why didn't they seem him overhead? Spiderholes. Fuck.
"They must have something dug out up there-"

This radio is shit. Sounded like 'Two coming up from behind the eastern ridge, with RPGs.' Could have been 'Would you like fries with that'?

Squeeze the trigger, don't jerk.TAT TAT TAT

He's dead. Make sure.

"Got him. Followup."
Squeeze the trigger, TAT TAT TAT

He's doneski.
Magazine out of the pouch. Let the muscle memory do it. Magazine release button. Magazine falls. Magazine in. Bolt release button.

"Yeah, two on back. 20 bucks a piece, you dogfucker. Don't get 'em dirty."
Whoever started putting extra buddy-mags on their back was a tactical fucking MASTERMIND.

What the fuck did they just say?
"Say again last, did not copy your relay."

Fuck, at least they have eyes on. Danger close call, fuck the nine-line-
Switch the radio to line of sight, please please please work-

"Overwatch I copy your last via relay, you are cleared to engage with guns, danger close. North-south run on the ridge east of my position."

Have to get this radio replaced-
BRRRRRRRRRRRRUP BRRRRRRRRRjesus christ it sounds like the world is ending look at those fucking fireworksRRRRRRRRRRRUP BRRRRRRRRRRRRUP

"Overwatch report effect, do you see movement from those two enemy pax?"

If they're not dead I'll eat my fucking boots, what time is it

ten minutes to exfil, fuck, FUCK

"Overwatch I copy your last, you are clear to reengage, single run, north-south on ridge east of my position. Report effect when complete."

okay not THESE boots, I'll eat the shitty pair

Need to get overwatch looking back up at the north end of the kariz when they're do-
Is that it?

Fuck, FUCK why does the gun jam now, I FUCKING hate those 30-mike autocannons, at least they still have eyes, use 'em

"Overwatch I copy guns jammed. I can't afford to let you go back for maintenance right now, we'll have your wingman keep an eye on those pax, I need you watching the north end of the kariz."

The whole goddamned country knows we're down here now. What time is it? Five minutes to exfil.

Why hasn't the exfil bird checked in yet?

"Copy your relay, exfil one-five mikes late."

Back to square fucking one
"Copy your relay. Break break, Overwatch, can you identify weapons on those pax coming south down the kariz?"
"I copy, do you see strobe for closest friendly position?"

"Copy that is good strobe, you are clear to engage enemy pax with guns or rockets at your discretion. Move your wingman up for squirter control if necessary, but if you do I want your eyes available for close scan."

Stirred up a beehive this time, goddammit

"Overwatch, I need your wingman's eyes off of those dead pax on the ridge, to scan northeast up and out of the kariz towards the village. Call any movers."

"Overwatch I copy, pax moving this way from the village. Can you ID weapons?"

What time is it?

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