Tur"bi*nate (?), v. i.

To revolve or spin like a top; to whirl.



© Webster 1913.

Tur"bi*nate (?), Tur"bi*na`ted (?), a. [L. turbinatus, turbo, turben, -inis, a whirl, top.]


Whirling in the manner of a top.

A spiral and turbinated motion of the whole. Bentley.

2. Bot.

Shaped like a top, or inverted cone; narrow at the base, and broad at the apex; as, a turbinated ovary, pericarp, or root.

3. Anat.


4. Zool.

Spiral with the whorls decreasing rapidly from a large base to a pointed apex; -- said of certain shells.


© Webster 1913.

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