The toolshed is a repository of information for all things relating to the band Tool. Located at, one can find all sorts of information, ranging from song lyrics, tour dates, and band member biographies.

A few things should be noted; the Tool Page is not run or maintained by anyone officially or professionally affiliated with the band Tool. However, the lead singer and lyricist, Maynard James Keenan does submit the lyrics for each album to the page and it is the de facto authority on lyrics for Tool songs. This can be quite handy when trying to come to your own meanings for songs such a Forty Six & 2.

Additionally the page is prone to pulling April Fools' Day jokes every year, generally of little less that light-hearted nature. Keep in mind that nearly anything that you read on April 1st is likely to be false, unless it is confirmed again on a later date.

As for band member biographies, while the Tool Page has a vast library of pictures of band members I've found that everything's excellent noders have managed to find a little more information about the members, who are:

Last, but definitely not least tdn is home to the Tool forums. If you're having trouble trying to discern some meaning from the lyrics, don't look to be spoonfed answers here. In the words of MJK:

"I read the interpretations of lyrics that people send to the Tool Web page. They're way off. But that's fine."

Instead use them as a sounding board so that you can discover your own meaning.

Also of worthy mention is the official tool page, It's much more sparse for content but has demo tracks of each album, lyrics, and more pictures of the band.

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