Happens more than one thinks, even outside America, which is traditionally the home of political correctness. Ugh. In Sweden a while back, IKEA ran an ad that was created in America. Now, since Sweden has a negligible black or Asian population, the ad execs felt OK to take out an Indian and a black from the ad, thinking that nobody would care. No! The hounds pounced from across the Atlantic, accusing IKEA of discrimination. In the end, IKEA just said "Whatever" and put the minorities back, but the activists didn't stop there. IKEA lost its old "squeaky clean" company label in the US. That just shows how far these diversity awareness people will go.

As nonexistant political correctness is in Asia, it still happens. Recently, a Hong Kong ad company was blasted for not using Filipinos and Indians in their ads, because Hong Kong has a rather significant population of non-Western foreigners as well. Despite the fact that Hong Kong is like over 90% Han Chinese, gotta have diversity! Viva la difference!

Token black man and token female are representative of a rather sickening trend in America, a blindingly stupid obedience to affirmative action. A quick survey of ads in America these days wil reveal that not only are blacks adequately represented on TV, there are often overrepresented. America is only 10% black, yet I guarantee you there are more blacks on TV ads than whites. Women as well. TV as well. There are say, black oriented shows that do not have a sliver of white skin, but those don't get highlighted by diversity groups. Now, I didn't grow up in America, so I'm not well-versed in TV trivia, but shows like Fresh Prince, Cosby Show, and that are all black, yet not one got targeted to have more whites.

The celebration of diversity is a strange thing, but it has seeped so far into American culture it has become a standard. Political correctness and double standards once again. You know, blacks can't be racist and all that. Ugh, my head hurts.

Often not so token at all is reverse discrimination, where the victims are very real, and there's quite a few of them as well. But that's a different story.

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