Recipe for Tofu Cheese

You will need:

Drain the tofu and squeeze out as much water as you can. Cover every side of the tofu with a thick layer of miso paste and put it in the container you bought it in. Cover it with plastic wrap and store it in the refrigerator, periodically pouring out any excess water that appears. (It helps to put the miso tub, or any other weight, on top of the tofu to speed up the water leakage, and to give the tofu a firmer texture.)

Five days later, take the tofu out of the fridge and carefully scrape off the miso paste. Cut a slice; the tofu should feel thicker than expected. The edges are browned, like the rind of a cheese. The taste is a combination of old tofu and miso--this is partly a result of marination, and partly because Aspergillus oryzae mold which lives in miso paste has begun fermenting the tofu, giving it an unusual flavor.

Tofu cheese may give some people indigestion if eaten raw. Instead, try broiling a slice on both sides until it is dark brown. Cooking it this way gives it a salty and mature flavor. Other ways of cooking, such as deep-frying or sautéing, will probably be successful, and may affect the flavor differently.

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