Farmer’s cheese, also known as farm cheese or pressed cheese, is a fresh, white, somewhat soft cheese made from cow’s milk. This kind of cheese is mainly made in the United States by several different methods. The most common method is to drain and press freshly made cottage cheese to remove most of the excess moisture. Another method uses curds made from sour milk (buttermilk). There are also several different varieties of farmer’s cheese. Some kinds are sold fresh and look like a dry, crumbly cottage cheese. Other kinds are allowed to age several weeks to firm the cheese enough so it can be sliced, much like brick cheese. One French variety is both aged and allowed to mold to add more flavor to the cheese.

Farmer’s cheese can be purchased in most specialty stores and cheese shops. It is generally sold in solid loaves that can be sliced or crumbled. The cheese keeps well in the fridge for up to two weeks. There are also several different recipes available on the internet for making homemade cheese. Some entail boiling buttermilk and straining the resulting curds while others call for straining cottage cheese overnight to remove the whey.

This cheese has a mild, tangy flavor that works in many recipes. It is mainly sliced or crumbled into savory baked dishes such as lasagna. It can also be eaten plain or as a topping for crackers or breads.

jasonm adds:"it also is apparently something that can be deemed kosher, as I found some in a kosher dairy case a month or so ago and tried it. I must say, the unsalted kind is very boring, not as interesting as regular cottage cheese :). it was completely tasteless, well, almost :)"

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