Toe socks are a wonderful invention. They are like gloves for your feet. They come in many different colors, and yes for those picky people with Feelings about socks, I believe they come in white. They're great because they separate your little toe, second smallest toe, and middle toe. They also eliminate that really annoying my-toes-are-next-to-each-other feeling.
And, best of all, they make great socks with sandals.

Ever tried to find men's toe socks?

I have. It has been a long and arduous search.

I wear toe socks all the time. My boyfriend wanted to try a pair, but all the toe socks in existence seemed to be for women. I decided to make it my mission to find and purchase some toe socks for him. My search led me from the various malls in the area to men's specialty stores and finally, of course, to the net.

I have found a company that makes men's toe socks!

So, for all you guys out there who have been longing to slip on a pair of footgloves, go to The company is based in Singapore and carries toe socks for men and women as well as a line of unisex toe socks. It took about two weeks for my shipment to arrive here in Michigan. The socks are great and are much nicer than the variety you buy in department stores.

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