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The Laughing Fool, aka Bluebottle ( c c fun 31337 names from back when the Internet was under a million.) Linux/Unix/NT guru. Ohm mani padmi ohm. tabnet member. Building tabspace (see ->_.) Building a cluster using MOSIX and/or Beowu.lf. A pround inhabitant of the 604, on WAVE. icq#45102533. On DALnet #2600.604. Currently living in the tabhaus, a geek house much like the one cmdrtaco lives in (except I own a vaxbong (VAXstation 4000/60) and he won't put it&in the&.db with the article on the vaxbar made of a VAX 11/780. Dating Zinnia Rock, or Zinnia Kray. Friend of cthulu aka pseudo intellectual. I have done DEF CON every year or so for a while. Go to the if you have a moment. I dig the GPL a.s a moral force, its as close to religion that I will ever get.