The tinikling is a Filipino folkdance, honored as the Philippine national dance. The tinikling originated in the rural Christian lowlands of the Philippines as a fiesta dance expressing the love of life. This dance, a favorite of the Visayan islands, imitates the movement of the tikling birds as they trot between grass stems, speed over tree branches, or dodge bamboo traps prepared by rice farmers. Tinikling dancers display grace and speed by skillfully maneuvering bewtween two large bamboo poles repeatedly slammed against the ground and together in a steady rhythm by two people. Typical attire for this dance is the balintawak and patadyong skirts for females and camisa de chino (or barong Tagalogs) and vividly colored slacks for males.

Tayo irog ko magsayaw ng tinikling
The way we beloved dance the tinikling

Tulad ng sayaw ng lolo't lola natin
Is like the dance of our grandpas and grandmas.

Ang mga padyak kung di pagbubutihin
If we don't stamp our feet skillfully,

Dalawang kawayan tayo'y iipitin.
A pair of bamboo sticks will trap us,

At sa tinikling na labis na panganib
And when the tinikling is extremely dangerous,

Ang hindi maingat ay maiipit
Those who arent careful will get caught.

Nguni't mahak ko ganyan din sa pagibig
That is even the same way with love-

Ang hindi tapat ay maiipit.
Those who are fickle (not sincere) will get caught.

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