A bike messenger bag builder. These are the standard bag of the messenger, as well as many other college-types and others who want an attractive, strong and well-built bag for their day-to-day routine. One could buy a timbuk2 messenger bag in a store like REI or Galyan's, or you can order one from the timbuk2 website, www.timbuk2.com.

If you order online, you have the option to choose the colors you want for your bag, as well as other options like cinch-straps across the bottom, a cell-phone pocket, an all-purpose pouch (for a wallet or bus pass, say), a divider that runs length-wise in the bag, and a rubber boot bottom.

timbuk2 builds their bags in four sizes: pee wee (S), el ocho (M), dee dog (L) and bolo (XL). They also make a smaller, un-customizable bag called a pork-chop. The "pork-chop" is like a travelers pouch, to hold your money, maps, passport, and other essentials. The "pee-wee" is the size of a larger woman's purse. The "el ocho" is big enough to hold your schoolbooks, and is the size I would recommend for casual use, or use as a bookbag/briefcase. (Be sure to get the bottom straps and center divider for more convenience.) The "dee-dog" and "bolo" are both quite large. The "dee-dog" was too big for me to use as a bookbag, as it was too wide, and it didn't have bottom straps. The "bolo" is out of the question for we mortal non-bike messenger types, as it is just too large, although those women with cavernous purses may find the "bolo" to be perfect. :)

I would highly recommend timbuk2 bags for bikers of any type, in-line skaters, motorcylclists, and anoyone else who likes a strong bag and unique (in that you can define your own color-scheme) look.

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