American TV series, 1999-

This action-packed "real life" drama follows the late shift of ambulance, police and firefighter personell. All the characters in the show belong to a fictional precinct in New York, the 55th. They are followed in all the aspects of their work lives, the personal side is a not amplified as much as in other similar shows. The series is more diverse than the hospital bound series, and more much realistic. When I say 'more realistic' I don't mean lots of technobabble, but believable characters, real situations and non-airbrushed people.

The series appears to be more professional that others like ER, NYPD Blue and Chicago Hope. The script is thighter, the actors are better and the filmography is excellent. This series is a fresh approach to a genre that is potentionally exciting. A special mention goes to the persons picking the music for the soundtrack. A hefty combination of Moby, Massive Attack, Chemical Brothers and Fatboy Slim. Watch the first episode for the best action scene of 1999, all set to the heartpumping Right here, right now by Fatboy Slim.

Michael Beach - Monte 'Doc' Parker
Coby Bell - Tyrone 'Ty' Davis, Jr.
Bobby Cannavale - Robert 'Bobby' Caffey (1999-2001)
Amy Carlson - Firefighter Alexandra 'Alex' Taylor (2000-)
Eddie Cibrian - James 'Jimmy' Doherty
Molly Price - Faith Yokas
Kim Raver - Kimberly 'Kim' Zambrano
Anthony Ruivivar - Carlos Nieto
Skipp Sudduth - John Thomas 'Sully' Sullivan
Jason Wiles - Maurice 'Bosco' Boscorelli
Christopher Bauer - Fred Yokas

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