i am only writing this for a dare
but i mean to make it a real sonnet
this shall be my chance to show that i care
and i will work my damn heart out on it

you will not go out of your way for me
so too do you recoil from my touch
i suspect that this is how it must be
and worry that i care for you too much

i stray from you often, but not for long
to find love is difficult, this is true
if i am to fight, i must not be wrong
of them all, i would rather have you

but whatever will be, will be - must be.
let it be, the future's not mine to see
Glenmachen Hill

In parts forgot; I love you still,
on the rocky shore by this irish sea,
down the path from Glenmachen Hill,
were we used to kiss under the oak tree.

Those leaves are long gone my bonnie wee lass,
the seasons turn faster than the tides it seems,
from green to gold, even red shall pass,
a quiet ruddy lad amidst his dreams.

But I'll shake em off and walk on home!
A cup o hot chocolate, a dog and fireplace,
and while through the window snow covers the loam,
the warmth and light reach into my face.

No don't worry about me, my bright eyed lass;
For even the death of Love, one day, will pass.

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