Classic comedy starring Denis (note only one 'n') Leary, Kevin Spacey, Judy Davis, and Christine Baranski. Spacey really shows his comedic ability here. Leary robs a house, then takes feuding couple Caroline and Lloyd Chausser hostage when his partner Murray gets frightened and takes off in the getaway car. But the Chaussers are expecting company - their son, Jesse, is coming home from boarding school, and Caroline's sister and her family are stopping by for Christmas dinner. Leary is forced to act as the couple's marraige counselor while he makes plans to escape. Directed by Ted Demme. By the way, that's 'chau-SSER'... it's 18th century French Huguenot.

Some quotes....

Lloyd: "You know what I'm going to get you next Christmas, mom? A big wooden cross. So anytime you feel unappreciated for your sacrifices, you can climb on up and nail yourself to it."

Lloyd: "What's your name?"
Gus: "'Fuck you', that's my name."

Huff: "I'd put more men out there, but they're just not trained to deal with this kind of situation."
Citizen: "Well, why not?"
Huff: "Because nothing every happens in this town. The only time you call us is when some punk kid is playing a prank on you, or your faggot dogs start humping each other without permission. Any time there's any real trouble, you folks call your judge friends or your lawyer friends. Why don't you call them now, and get the hell out my office."
Bob: "Well, it doesn't necessarily have to be YOUR office..."

Lloyd: "She takes photography lessons... She takes Scandinavian cooking classes... She takes existential philosophy classes..."
Caroline: "At least I go after my dreams!"
Lloyd: "To be what? Someone who takes photographs of lutfish to PROVE the nothingness of being? No wonder our son's so confused!"

Rose: "How can they do this to people! It's Christmas."
Connie: "Mother, there's a dangerous criminal on the loose."
Mary: "Maybe they'll catch him and set him free in the spirit of Christmas."
Connie: "That is NOT the spirit of Christmas! The spirit of Christmas is either you're rewarded for being good, or your punished and you burn in hell. Who would catch a criminal... and then set him free?"
Mary: "Republicans?"

Caroline: "I had this dream..."
Lloyd: "Do we have to do dreams?"
Caroline: "I'm in this restaurant, and the waiter brings me my entree. It was a salad. It was Lloyd's head on a plate of spinach with his penis sticking out of his ear. And I said, 'I didn't order this.' And the waiter said, 'Oh you must try it, it's a delicacy. But don't eat the penis, it's just garnish.'"
Dr. Wong: "Lloyd, what do you think about the dream?"
Lloyd: "I think she should stop telling it at dinner parties to all our friends."

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