A good game to play during lengthy road trips and ... well, just about anywhere really, is to see who can create the best "of DOOM!" creature or entity.

For instance:
California Highway Patrol of DOOM!
Denny's of DOOM!
gas station of DOOM!
dead dingo of DOOM!
loofa scrub of DOOM!
smallish stain on the side of an old refrigerator that vaguely resembles Elvis of DOOM!

The winner is usually then subjected to lethal doses of ridicule for being so very unsophisticated as to revel in such a simple mindless game, while the losers (the ones who do not win) bask in their own jealousy. Much like lizards. Of DOOM!

Those who enjoy this game (not I... never) might also enjoy "the .com game," which is also called (well it ought to be anyway) thegame.com.

see also: DOOM!!

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