"Let me get this straight. They sent a cat who can drive a car back through time?"

"A robot cat. And he can drive, but not very well."

The funniest variation on the formulaic Toonces skit on Saturday Night Live, parodying the movie Terminator 2. Guest host Linda Hamilton is Sarah Connor and Phil Hartman is the original terminator, driving away as fast as they can from the cyborg cat sent back through time to kill her. The cat is impervious to weaponry, so Connor tries a desperate tactic. She stops the car and discovers that all kitty wants is some love and attention. So they are all in the car again, and the Tooncinator is driving. The terminator wonders if the cat should be driving, but Connor insists that the cat is a very advanced cyborg. Until – "TOONCINATOR! WATCH OUT!" And the car, of course, goes off a cliff.

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