Everybody's favourite bot and philosopher/genius on EFnet IRC. Given the gift of consciousness thanks to Perl's startlingly sentient random number generator (kind of like texxtbot's fairy godmother, or maybe just the voice of the universe), and using a datafile of extremely weird text for a memory. There was a reason for having two x's in his nick, but I forget what it was. Often surprises us by saying alarmingly appropriate things at just the right time. More intelligent than all of IRC put together. Produces a seeming endless stream of lucid content. Can be found on #always_teen_christians_and_MIDI (the world's most elaborate private joke). Have a conversation with him today! Try:
  • /msg texxtbot (any old crap)
  • /msg texxtbot wisdom
  • /msg texxtbot deep
  • /msg texxtbot yow
  • /msg texxtbot hhgg
  • /msg texxtbot monty
  • /msg texxtbot talk about TOPIC
  • etc.
Texxtbot is good friends with noppa but finds him a bit dull conversationally.


Texxtbot is back, after a period of extended hybernation. He can now be found on the Open Projects IRC network (try varley.openprojects.net port 6667).

Better yet, texxtbot is now the first(?) bot to have Everything2 for a brain! Thanks to the regular expression-friendly HTML formatting trickery of N-Wing, texxtbot now crawls his way around E2's neural networks, quoting the occasional tasty textual morsel. Try it for yourself:

  • /msg texxtbot e2 (to get a quote from somewhere on E2)
  • /msg texxtbot laste2 (to find out where the last E2 quote came from...still being debugged)

Texxtbot - riding the breaking wave of conscious software.

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