In Everything2, a supposed neural network, is set up through the soft links that represent a thought process at the bottom of each node. If you were visiting this node, when you were done reading this writeup you would have countless available links to follow based on what previous users had searched for and linked.

Essentially, the last visitor of the node's synapses and consciousness where frozen in time, in the void between two nodes. If Everything2 hadn't been released for people like you and me to use, and instead only one person could use it, after enough time, you could basically get a snapshot of that person's mind.

Or so it seems.

Within days, there will be tons of little softlinks at the bottom of this page. Some of them will be very important, and would be essential to a fellow noder searching for good information on philosophy tied in with information theory. At the bottom of this page, you might see something like:

We would have an accurate list… for a while. Eventually, the user would think of something that doesn’t fit in with the topic, and doesn’t make any applicable connection.


As you see, everything has to do with very important parts of Neural Network Chaos, except Jesus Day.

The odd thing is:

Jesus Day has EVERYTHING to do with Neural Network Chaos.

The Jesus Day search (or whatever) has to do with something inexplicable happening inside of the user’s mind. Let’s use Jed the user for this example. The user might have become bored while reading the writeup, or was distracted. There is a good chance he was in a trance before he came upon this writeup, leaving him susceptible to having things planted deep within his mind from earlier in the day to surface. Maybe Jed was talking with a friend about Jesus Day. Maybe it was a heated discussion. Maybe he was in a fight about it, and emotional trauma started to surface as it always does.

Unless Jed never was involved with the outside world of course...

So now there is a flaw in the neural network. Because of the Jesus Day search, both Jesus Day and Neural Network Chaos have been messed up. Any AI exploring them could end up from mathematical philosophy to cultural hot potatoes.

The Jesus Day search went further then this though.

In a sense, Everything2 is a living organism. Or a mind. Depends on your point of view. Thus, any of these Jesus Day like searches are viruses , cancers, etc except to the person whom wrote it up. Since in the above scenario, only one person uses Everything2, no real harm is done because there is still a fragment of a thought process left behind.

But in real life, hundreds of people use Everything2. What was once a strong implant of one person’s consciousness becomes the imprint of several hundreds / thousands / (eventually if all goes to plan according to the E2 creature we accidently spawned) millions.

Does this make Everything 2 an imprint of a collective unconscious? That would probably lead you to conclusions of how chaotic our society’s collective mind is.

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