A set of rules and regulations regarding a product or service, pertaining to the supply, payment and liabilities of such. Also can extend to publication rights, intellectual property ownership of the product or service, warranties and minimum service level agreements.

In personal experience, you can have three types - the over-the-top massively restrictive and ultimately paranoid T&C, the easy going just-covering-our-ass T&C, or the sensible middle-of-the-road T&C.

I used to work for a company that was absolutely insane over its T&C. The document (normaly 1-2 pages in length) was 15 pages and had an attached confidentiality agreement, another 12 pages! It scared the hell out of anyone who looked at the product and was extremely detrimental to the business.

As you can imagine, I got out of there quick smart. And after I stole as much as possible - just kidding.

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