An instance of time behaving in an abnormal manner; speeding up, slowing down, running backward, or looping in on itself. More specifically, a plot device in the various Star Trek series that serves as an all-purpose excuse for weird crap to occur. This practically became an epidemic in the later seasons of Star Trek: The Next Generation, when it appeared that the Enterprise was encountering one of these things at least once a month.

In the Next Generation novel Q-Squared, it was revealed that Trelane was responsible for the swarm of TAs that plagued the ship. They were experiments of his, and they clustered around the Enterprise because his encounter with James T. Kirk and his crew in the original series left such a deep impression on him.

This is pretty stupid, and reminds me of the time DC Comics attributed the origin of The Flash to the intervention of a magical elf. I suspect the Trelane/anomaly connection will be conveniently forgotten in the future.

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