So you want your hand to talk, eh?

Step 1:
Take one hand, and curl fingers so that the fingertips are touching the palm.
Step 2:
Secure thumb by placing thumbpad on first joint of index finger.
Step 3:
Using other hand, or a friend who can keep a secret, draw an upper lip below index knuckle, and the lower lip on thumb with the pen.
Step 4:
Apply lipstick, reline lips with pen.
Step 5:
Place googly eyes on either side of knuckle

Move thumb in an up and down motion while making sure the thumbpad remains in contact with the index finger. Talk and mimic movements with hand.
Acceptable accents your hand may partake: Irish New York Police Officer, 1920s Gangster, and of course, those guys that say:


Worst node ever.

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