The French word for snuffbox. When used in English, it may refer particularly to an especially fancy snuffbox.

There are a number of things called Tabatières that are not snuffboxes. Antique collectors might speak of mechanical singing-bird tabatières, which are a type of music box that were popular in France in the late 1700s and early 1800s. These were about the size of a snuffbox, but instead of snuff they contained a small mechanical singing bird. The first French breech loading rifles were called Tabatières. The Anatomic snuffbox is sometimes called the Tabatière anatomique or the Fossa tabatière.

There is a town called La Tabatière in Quèbec which claims that its name comes from the Montagnais word tabaquen, meaning 'sorcerer'. It may be that tobacco, or snuff in particular, was associated with sorcery, and this is where the French word comes from. It may also be that some La Tabatièreians don't want to admit that their town was named after such a common item as a snuffbox.

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