Summer convention season is well-known to northern-hemisphere congoers of every kind. Whether you are an anime fan, a gamer, a comic book reader, or a member of other fandoms including science fiction and fantasy, summer is when most of the major conventions are held. It is sometimes referred to as simply "convention season," but with things like the Alternative Press Expo and others in the winter now, I think that's not accurate. Nevertheless, it's important. Animerica runs a "summer con issue" in the fall, with cosplay photos, guest interviews, and so on. Some fans plan their entire summer vacations to include as many conventions as possible.

The A-list sf and gaming cons of summer include SFRA in Schnectady, NY, Gen Con in Milwaukee, Wizard World in Chicago, the World Science Fiction Convention (varies), and Dragon*Con in Atlanta.

The first major anime con of the season is probably Anime Central in Illinois in mid-May, followed by Animazement in North Carolina, Anime North in Toronto, Project: A-Kon in Dallas, Otakon in Baltimore, Anime Weekend Atlanta, and AnimeCon UK squeaking in at the beginning of October.

Comic cons during this time include San Diego Comic-Con, Motor City Comic Con in Michigan and the Canadian National Comic Book Expo.

There are dozens of other conventions, from Stockholm to Little Rock, from very specific ("Women of Star Trek Voyager") to very general ("media") in the May-September period. Major "other" cons include Costume-Con in Calgary (may vary, not sure), and the World Horror Convention (location varies). There are a number of sites you can turn up under a search for "(foo) convention listing." I can't recommend any one site because none of them seem to have all of the cons, even within their genre.

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