Stop/eject is a record label in Ann Arbor, Michigan, that specializes in experimental and noise music.

Started in 1999 by Randal Davis and Jason Voss to release their own music, Davis took over in 2000 and runs the label today.

Despite being small (with only one real employee), Stop/eject has managed to put out albums from all over the world, and has released many "big" names. ("Big names" in experimental music are extremely relative).

Musicians such as Chef Kirk, Paul Velat (aka "Lord of the Yum-Yum"), Black Sand Desert and Brain Science have all released albums on Stop/Eject.

And, as a side note, those albums are all very good.

Stop/eject releases about six albums per year. Their catalogue can be found at

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Recorded live during IMMEDIA 2002 at the University of Michigan, "Klaxon" is a great example of what you can do with digital equipment and no fear of making enemies in a small space. Droning digital alarms warn you to get out, but it's too late.

Brain Science
Brain Science weaves a magic spell using vintage analog synths and modern computer technology to bring dead noise to life. The sounds of a million circuits coming back from the dead to haunt the living. Let the ritual begin...

Vegetable Rush 
Do vegetables have feelings? It's hard to say for sure, but if they did this might be the sounds they make as while screaming for revenge. You could call it noise, but it's much more complex then that. Harsh and heavy yet light and filling. This product is 100% organic and delicious. Best eaten chilled or boiled, never fried.

Paul Velat
Is this simply one voice in a sea of many, or an epic journey into a world of sound? You be the judge. Vocal experiments by a master of the genre, "Urchin" is as catchy as any pop song but much more memorable. From mouth driven drum and bass to deep throat drone, this disc has something for everyone. Brought to you by the man better known for his scat/grind/throat singing versions of classical themes (as Lord Of The Yum-Yum). But if you think you've heard this all before... think again.

Kill Kidder
An obsessed mind takes you on a journey of self indulgent, imaginary violence against a single man. Who is Kidder? Why must he be killed? What's the point to all of this madness? All of these questions will be answered in the form of screaming noise. This limited edition release also comes packaged with a very special Kill Kidder button and sticker. Show the world how much you dislike this person that you don't really know.

IUD Polk
Summer Klezmer Orgy  
Radio gone totally wrong, ghostly voices in a purgatory of noise, and enough ADD inspired jams to make you crave a whole crate of Ritalin. This is the best way to spend six dollars, and you get a free headache with every order. Features remixes by: Brain Science, Strikeforce: Euler, Broken Cortex, 01V, 5P1V, and more! Check this shit out if you know what's good for you!

Hallucinogenic Death Warp  
Lo-fidelity death noise for the sick fucks who love this shit. Pack your ears with dirt and roll in broken glass while masturbating to get similar physical results. Very cool slimline DVD packaging, with sensory activated sleeve.

Squirm as the parasites devour your flesh, starting with your head and working downward. Scream along with the tortured sounds of a mind pushed too far. Turn out the lights and crank up the music in your headphones, because it's going to be a long night. A split release with our sister label S K E L E T O N E.

Octaves: 01   
Waveform manipulation using a mathematical formula. The result is interesting, musical, and educational. The first release in a three part mini-cd series.

Skelator Serial Brigade
What do you get when you mix one desperate young man with a collection of quasi-broken electronics? This release from the sonic smasher, AKA Skeletor Serial Brigade. Lo-fi noise you can really sink your teeth into, or cut a rug, depending on how you feel.

Block Diagram   
01V's first release, employing a Yamaha 01V mixer, a cell-phone message, a microphone, and a speaker. Obnoxious noise, really, but who's checking?

Fun In Learning! 
This first release by the magical duo Slovak will have you jumping off the walls one minute, and puking in the backseat of your neighbor's car the next.

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