A photo album (or any similar book) used to keep your sticker collection. Unfortunately, if you actually stick your stickers in a sticker album you lose the normal fun aspects of collecting things. For example:
  1. You can try to trade your stickers, but first you have to get them out of the album. This is dangerous because either the sticker comes off but doesn't stick properly in your buddy's album or it gets ripped and ruined. Worse yet, the sticky part stays stuck in the album and the picture part comes off, completely ruining the sticker.

  2. For the same reason, you don't want to sort your stickers. You have to organise them all before sticking them, being sure to leave enough room for future stickers. Nothing worse than running out of room on the googly-eye page and having to stick one on the fuzzies page.
Here's a rundown of some fun sticker types:

bumper stickers - not fun to collect--they're too damn big
fuzzies - Donkey Kong stickers were usually fuzzy
Garbage Pail Kids - sacrilege! leave GPK stickers on their cards
googly-eyes - usually puffies with googly-eyes stuck on them
PAC-MAN stickers - came with PAC-MAN bubblegum
puffies - raised plastic stickers
smellies - scratch 'n' sniff stickers

Sticker albums were also released commercially for popular TV shows (usually cartoons), in which they showed you where to put the stickers that they sold in packs like baseball cards.

The Real Ghostbusters sticker album rocked the most because it had glow-in-the-dark stickers.

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