slowly building up,
rapid specks of compact, indefinite force
infinitely producing; set destruction

rapid specks of compact, indefinite force
fueled by a rapid, obscene source
the foregoing within the same chamber
as the ulterior

repeating actions of indifferent yearning,
only to be punctured in routine
by the premeditated coming of spring

joining in an illuminated night,
rapid specks of compact, indefinite force
light the streets, inducing
sight for the sightless

a grasp, uncertain but steady
produced from the specks,
entities of bright dust
journey altogether, everywhere

released at a moment of their choosing
the energy of these specks
powers galaxies, mega-planets

a trail of dust is seen from an onlooker's telescope
generally golden in color,
the expansion of these specks reveals a nova of particles
bathing the burning stars in
a trickling shower of unknown essence

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