When 2 Sound Systems hook up and do major bass battle. Typically one System will be working a pre-planned event, and another system will ride up and assemble their truckload a speakers within direct earshot.

With talented and driven electrical sound engineers on board, these crews would battle directly, each pushing the limits of their bass and selector & deejay skills. Often known as toasting, this clash of music would pump each side to one up each other with a better song, deejay's rapping ability and pure bass prowess.

This unfortunately doesn't occur much outside of Jamaica, but it can be seen in a lesser way by car stereo battles from time to time on this side of the water. Members of the UK Bass group Fuel, have hooked up 2 cars, both cars the right and left channel respectively, and have been known to attend large festivals and had a louder sound system than the main stage. BASS! BASS! BASS!

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