There is something in the wind today, something in the way it is blowing, the way it rustles the leaves on the ground. It isn't a terrible wind, but a wind of memory and those are not always the most pleasant things in the world.

As I stood on the front lawn this morning, taking in the day, I felt a breeze across my face, it was cool, slow.. it reminded me of the things I've been through in the last year, and it hurt. It was cruel of the day to throw such things at me, but in a way.. I embrace the wind when it is like this. I let it rush past me, or slink by slowly, and I let the feelings of sadness overtake me. Sometimes when I see the clouds crying, I feel inclined to do so myself.

To have a terrible day of extreme sadness, to remember things that hurt you beyond words, it's a blessing in some ways. The dampness in the air that feeds your tears will not always be, and when it leaves, when the winds change, they'll bring you something else, something so much better.. for this reason, and this reason alone, I love the wind today, and am thankful for its presence.

You will never know true happiness, if you have never known true sadness.

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