One theoretical framework that exists primarily within the feminist movement, but which is also recognized to some degree in the Socialist movement (meaning that mostly people who consider themselves primarily feminist use this term more often). Socialist/Marxist feminists (and, yes, I realize that not all Socialists are Marxists, but this grouping actually applies to both) are concerned with the intersection of the oppression of gender and the oppression of class

That is, Socilaist/Marxist feminists actually recognize that the experience of oppression and subjegation that a rich woman and a poor woman experience are very different. Therefore, these feminists claim, the social class system in the modern world that so closely resembles castes, but without the explicit rules, must be deconstructed. Socialist/Marxist feminism is an offshoot of radical feminism. However, not all radical feminists would agree with some of the social commentary nor even the general goals of the Socialist/Marxist movement.

Socialist/Marxist feminists also recognize that race, sexual orientation, and ability/disability have strong implications upon the "class" of a person. Therefore, they also tend to include facets of these critiques in their general critique of the status quo.

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