n. slang. Snow Baby is slang for a baby born addicted to cocaine.

Snow Babies are ceramic figurines which have been around for over a hundred years. The current popular products are from a knickknack company known as Department 56 (also shown as D56). They depict cherubic, childlike figures, sometimes infants, dressed in winter clothing, and playing in the snow. D56's Snowbabies(tm) were created in 1987 by artist Kristi Jensen Pierro. While the original origins are obscure, there is some speculation that they are modeled on marzipan candles. They are often covered in bits of broken bisque, to simulate snow. They are occasionally also anthropomorphic animals (see furry or furries).

Snow Baby is a Romance Novel by Brenda Novak whose plotline centers around the protagonists becoming snowbound.

Novak, Brenda. Snow Baby. Harlequin, September 2000, 299 pp.
ISBN: 0373709390


Snowbabies (figurines):
Website: Department 56, Snowbabies(tm) (http://www.department56.com/Snowbaby_Fig.asp)
Website: Mary Morrison's Christmas Treasures German Snow Babies (http://www.marymorrison.org/snowbabies.htm)

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