A mildly contagious form of close mindedness in one of its worst forms.

I witnessed this myself when living with one of my best friends last year. We got an apartment, nice little 2 bedroom townhouse in the city, and he moved in with his girlfriend, and I had the second bedroom. They were both from the same small town in New Hampshire, went to the same high school, blah blah blah.

I lived there by myself for the summer and then they moved in a week before classes started again. I had everything set up the way I liked it, the kitchen, the dining room, everything.. And they moved in, and rearranged EVERYTHING. Now, this would have been alright if there had been some DISCUSSION about said moving of things, but there wasn't. I didn't know where anything was in my own kitchen. He justified it by saying, "Well, there's two of us anyways.." Grr.

At the end of the school year, he told me I had to move out. I had never been inconsiderate. I stayed in my bedroom most of the time I was home. I didn't play loud music. I was the only one who cleaned the bathroom. I was at least a DECENT roomate. And this kid was my friend, right? But I found out one of his friends from high school needed a place to live, so he ousted me.

But he was right, of course. He had small town disease. He was always right. The people he knew from his small town were more important than the rest of us, I guess, his college buddies. They understood him, him and his small mind.

Damn, I hope I haven't contracted it already..

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