Any of a variety of chemical solutions used to polish silicon wafers using a CMP. Probably more accurately referred to as colloidal silica. According to this MSDS I'm looking at, Brand D Slurry, made by DuPont, consists of 30-40% amorpous silica, 0-0.5% titratable alkali (Na2O) and 60-70% water.

For more information, you can call DuPont at 1-800-441-7515.
In case of a medical emergency, call 1-800-441-3637. And then call 911.

A thin paste of cornstarch or flour, and water, added to a soup or sauce in order to thicken it. The ratio is usually about 1 part flour/cornstarch to 4 parts water, but no one's watching you to make sure, so do as you see fit.

A cornstarch slurry will thicken a sauce almost immediately; flour takes a little longer, plus a few more minutes of cooking will remove any odd raw-flour taste.

By extension, "slurry" is sometimes used as a synonym for "dough," but that's crazy talk.

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A thick mixture of water, fibers, and chemicals used in the pulp and paper industry. Slurry is the base stock from which paper and similar products are made on a paper forming machine. Water is first removed from the slurry with vacuum suction and press rollers until the product is at the desired thickness, and then dried in a (usually) natural gas powered oven to remove the rest of it. The fibers in the slurry hold the product together.

More generally, slurry is any granular or fibrous material mixed with water for the purpose of transferring it with a pump. Slurry is usually very abrasive and over time tends to wear down the pumps and machines used to process it.

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