Slurb, n. [Slang derived from English slum + suburb]

A more or less derogatory term for a poorly planned and managed suburban area.

The new city's construction has been so rapid and so unforeseen that we lack even a commonly-accepted name for what we have created. Or, rather, we have too many names: spread city, urban village, megalopolis, sprawl, slurb, the 'burbs.

- Bernd Friedmann,

These things are rather common around my hometown of Stockholm; a result of the socialist housing reform miljonprogrammet, the million program, in the 1960s and '70s. Some of these concrete suburbs have since become semi-ghettoized areas with a low level of education, a high rate of violent crimes and an disproportionate percentage of immigrants, contributing to the segregation. I live in one of Stockholm's less shabby slurbs, but my bedroom view is still a concrete jungle.

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