Canadian-designed nuclear reactor used for analytical work using neutron irradiation of samples. Developed by AECL at Chalk River between 1967 and 1970. The reactor is purely for research and experimental use, having a power range of between 5 and 20 kW.

SLOWPOKE stands for Safe LOW POwer Kritical Experiment.

This is Speedy Gonzales's cousin in Looney Tunes, he drawls at an inexorably drug out tempo, and moves even slower. He's always being grabbed by speedy right before Sylvester the Cat lands on him. You know, if I had a cousin who was so worthless, I'd let Darwin's ideologies take care of him (and how!).

Anyway, he's worthless, and made the show boring, and largely contributed to me reading as a young child, because the Funk and Wagnall's Encyclopedia was more interesting than him. So, all in all, I guess he wasn't as bad as he was... well, bad. And I know you know what I was saying because you know what I know when I'm noding, you know?

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