The nicer of the two standard designs of beer glass used in British pubs, in half-pint and pint versions. It takes the form of a handleless truncated inverted cone, standing eight or nine inches high (for a pint), with a diameter of around three inches at the base and four inches at the top. A curved bulge an inch or two from the top reduces the risk of sticking when the glasses are nested; the topmost section may be a bit closer to cylindrical than the rest. Also referred to, somewhat inaccurately, as "a straight glass"; contrast with a jug, the heavy, multi-facetted, rustic tankard design whcih may appeal to a Hollywood view of England but is falling out of popularity somewhat. Sleevers are ubiquitous North of Watford and for the most part in London, and preferred by discerning drinkers in the rest of the south as well, although down there you may have to ask for one specifically if you drink bitter.

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