(Glorantha). A fictional race of sapient reptilian humanoids, hostile to humans. They are mostly found in Glorantha's southern continent, Pamaltela. They develop in two distinct stages, alternating generations: the "giant", parthenogenetic slarge lays eggs, which hatch into "lesser", sexual slarges; the lesser slarges mate and give birth to live giant slarges.
Giant slarges tend to develop one skill or talent exclusively, such as taming a single monster type, or casting a particular enchantment. They are individualistic and often solitary. Lesser slarges, by contrast, form cooperative social groups, at a civilization level between nomad and barbarian.

In my current RuneQuest campaign, there is a swampy area to the northeast of Griffin Island inhabited by slarges. They are a danger to characters making pilgrimages to the temple of Sun Dragon, and they raid into all their neighbors' territories. There is rumored to be a giant slarge sorceror in their town (known to the PC's as "Sog" or "Sog-town") who can summon and command "undead sylphs" (D&D players would recognize them as the obscure Vacuum Para-Elementals).

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