A type of word game or word puzzle; a signmaker consists of a sentence or string or words which can be reformatted to make a difference sentence or string of words. It's kind of similar to an anagram, except you're not allowed to rearrange the letters; just the spaces between them.

A short example would be:
Superman, I acknowledge
Super maniac knowledge

The longest and most impressive example I've ever seen is the following poem. I don't know who wrote it; it appeared in Enigma in 1974.

The Poet's Reply

Use fulsome howl or direst word in galling us;
toil over a shoddy ode?
Listen, dressed in gyves, tiger, allies fall,
ensnared in timeless eras,
mentally in agony, essays in gall.
Outwit Hades! Ignore verses,
you? Real lover? Come!

Useful somehow, Lord, I rest
wording all in gusto I love.
Rash odd yodel is tendresse;
dingy vestige rallies fallen snared.
In time, lesser as men tally, I nag on,
yes, say, sing all out, with a design.
O reverses, you're all overcome!

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