historically sheep eyeballs were a delicacy of many viking tribes. Cooked whole head of sheep were picked clean of meat, notably the cheek meat and tongue while the eyeball was reserved for whole devourment with statements of excitement and glee.

Sheep eyeballs are considered a delicacy in quite a few countries around the world.

In the countries of the Arabian Peninsula, whenever a sheep is slaughtered for a feast, by tradition the eyeballs are served to the guest of honor. The eyes are served raw, with the hard cornea removed; the consistency is like jelly and the recommended course of action is to swallow them in one gulp.

In Mongolia, pickled sheep eyeballs in tomato juice are a traditional hangover remedy.

Boiled sheep's head is a traditional Viking dish, eaten to this to day in Norway and Iceland. The eyeballs are eaten along with the rest of the head, although as far as I know no special importance is attached to them.

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