The standard insult used to describe English people by Germans in World War Two films. Generally Schweinhund (lit : "pig-dog") would be used in two standard situations :

1. The English spy, soldier, captured pilot or POW is making their escape through Boche's mountain fortress. He is spotted by a guard, resulting in the time honoured cry of : "Halt, Englisher Schweinhund!" Occasionally this will be followed with "For you Tommy, the war is over." or "Achtung!" These witty phrases generally end up being the poor guard's last words, as they are then invariably shot in the head or have their neck broken.

2. The other common situation where the term is used is when a group of stereotypical Nazi generals are together around a map. Usually in a complacent, laugh-raising statement such as "Ah, Fritz, zo you zee ve have ze Englisher Schweinhunds zurrounted, ja?"

The word was also used several thousand times in the 1980's situation comedy 'Allo 'Allo. A quick check of Google indicates that there is a German heavy metal band of this name. Whether any of their songs are based around the two aforementioned scenarios is unknown.

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