A term which refers primarily to the cafeterias found in American public schools.

The school cafeteria is the battleground upon which many a war is fought. The digestive war, foremost: the infamous square pizza can only be considered culinary impressionism, with its delightful space-age plastic cheese dotted with cubed pepperoni, while the ever-aging corn-on-the-cob passes for one's daily fiber.

The food is nicely complemented by the homely lunch ladies, who often grimace as they serve a helping of fresh whatever.

The school cafeteria is also a primary area for social interaction, especially in the form of food fights, and socializing/chick watching. Generally, the school cliques are best observed in the cafeteria, as they gather together at their exclusive tables, save for the one kid who usually sticks out like a sore thumb as he sits alone.

All around, an interesting place.

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