Scene points are a way of measuring the coolness of someone in the alternative music scene. Scene points are usually talked about in a joking manner, such as:

  • "I heard Johnny Disco went vegan, that's definite scene points right there."
  • "I think I'm going to cash in my scene points for tonight and skip the show."
  • "I'd get in the pit and dance, but I don't have enough scene points."
  • etc.

Scene points are gained by doing things that are cool or trendy among the scenesters of your local scene. They can be anything from claiming Straight Edge, going to a particular show, wearing certain clothes, or hanging out with the right people. Sounds a lot like high school doesn't it?

It's a term describing the foolishness of poseurs. Poseurs WANT to be labeled (Punk , Goth and several other subcultures are about not labeling), so they come up with specific dress codes for a group.


Plaid Pants (Think Avril Lavigne), Tie (again, Avril), Combat Boots, Jeans (although this one is rather accurate), spiked bracelets, chucks and bondage pants. Think MTV's Power-Pop bands, like Sum41, Blink182, and Good Charlotte.Recently it has become important to know how to skate as well...


Tight clothes (you are skinny because you are a vegan), thick, horn-rimmed glasses, greasy hair, messenger bag...just look dorky. Be in a lousy whiney band, complain a lot.

I could name more stereotypes like this, just check out

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