Save-A-Lot is a chain of discount grocery stores which started in 1977 with a single store in Illinois and has grown to have almost 1,000 stores in 36 states. The focus is on providing good quality food at low prices. This is accomplished through having an "edited assortment" of products and a no-frills shopping experience.

The "edited assortment" idea is to buy massive volumes of one variety of one brand of one product. Thus if you go the store to buy some foo, you will most likely find only one brand of foo and in only one size. They also sell store brands, which are generally quite a bit better than any other store's store brands.

The no-frills shopping experience means that the stores are small and not fancy in any way. Food is put out in the big boxes it came from the factory in. You have to pay a few cents to buy a plastic bag, or find an empty cardboard box and cart the food to the car in that.

I find the food to be very good at Save-A-Lot, and a lot cheaper than anywhere else. They don't have a big selection, but it should be fine for basic grocery shopping. Since the store is small and stuff is easy to find, you can be in and out quickly. All-in-all, a good store.

Information from me and Save-A-Lot website:

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