Sometime November 1967, my mother found out she was pregnant.
A month later, my parents got married.
On June 27, 1968, my mother gave birth to me.


When I was five years old, they sent me to a Catholic school.
Two years later, they transferred me to a Christian Brother school.
A year later, they transferred me to the local catholic school.
Five years later, I took the test to a Dominican school and passed.
One week before enrollment, they decided to send me to the local high school.
Two years later, they sent me abroad to a Christian Brother high school.
One year before graduation, they sent me back to the school I went to when I was seven.
After graduation, I went to a Christian Brother college.
After a year and a half, I dropped out.


Two weeks after dropping out, I worked the night shift as a computer encoder.
Four months later, I was working as a sales person in a clothing store.
Two years later, I transferred to another store and was made store manager.
Four years later, I decided to move to another company as retail manager.
Two months after, I moved to another company run by my previous boss.
Four years later, I moved to a sister company.
Two years later, I resigned and transferred to another company.
Nine months later, I resigned.
After three months of starvation and desperation, I am working again in Marketing.
It's been two months now and I am thinking of resigning.


After a while, I will pass away.

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