A propane heated outhouse found in the dry valleys in Antarctica designed for burning solid human waste on site in ecologically sensitive areas where no deposition of detritus is acceptable.

The name was given to the device during the prototype stages of the design. Designers hadn't counted on methane outgassing from deposited feces, and when the propane burner was lit for the first time after significant use the gasses in rocket toilet V1.0 detonated, propelling the unit many feet into the air.

The occupant had left the device when it was lit for the first time, or she may have become the first Antarctic toilet-naut.

Subsequent versions of the rocket toilet have adequate ventilation and the journey of V1.0 has not been repeated.

Typically, urine is not an acceptable deposit in rocket toilets, though exceptions are made for those for whom it is anatomically inconvenient to use the alternate methodology, U-barrels.

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